President Obama’s illegal carbon regulation has been halted by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court was explicitly clear in telling states to put down the pen until the judicial review process is completed. Any money spent now is wasted since the rule may be thrown out altogether.

Please take a few minutes to urge Governor John Bel Edwards to spend money where it is needed in Louisiana, rather than wasting it on this illegal plan.

Earlier this year you told Louisianans like myself that due to our state's budget shortfalls we will see cuts to our health care, higher education and a host of other vital government services. However, you continue to pursue implementation of a sweeping federal EPA mandate that would be economically damaging for the state especially since the U.S. Supreme Court has already stayed the mandate.

The costly Power Plan would force Louisiana to revamp its electricity generation system, resulting in significantly higher utility bills. That means higher expenses for manufacturing leading to fewer jobs---the last thing a state in Louisiana's financial shape needs.

I am writing to encourage you to stop our state's compliance efforts surrounding the Power Plan. Money spent on compliance with the stay in place is money wasted. Putting the Power Plan on hold means we can spend state taxpayer dollars where they are most critically needed, like job creation, education and health care.

Please immediately put a stop to this waste of taxpayer dollars, and focus our limited resources where they are most needed -- especially during this critical time we face as Louisianans.

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